Solutions and services

We transform these lines of business into technological solutions, which we adapt to the needs of your company,
to provide users with relevant experiences with your brand.

1. Identify the line that suits your needs:

Lines of business

Business Process Outsourcing
Contact Center and outsourcing of processes adapted to the customer's life cycle, focused on the journey to build and improve the relationship through the different service channels.
Business Process Automation Process automation solutions and service channels with software robots as a service and analytics that improve the experience and generate valuable insights.

Information Technology Outsourcing Administration of digital platforms and technological infrastructure, ensuring availability, security and continuity of the operations of your organization.

2. Match the point in the cycle you need to boost:

Ciclo de vida del cliente

Customer service
Attend to the CPCG that your client has instantly, manage responses that strengthen the image of your brand.
Expand your sales channels, launch new products and activate promotions.

Provide remote technical assistance, schedule installation or maintenance visits of your services
Collection and portfolio
Recover overdue portfolio, avoid legal proceedings due to lack of payments with a timely collection, automate the generation of billing or collection accounts.
Manage loyalty campaigns, offer exclusive promotional incentives to your database, activate your CRM and take full advantage of it.
Re capture
Captivate your customers again, with new products or additional services included in your traditional plan.

3. Select the media that your communications need:


We provide PBX lines, keep your current line or we generate a new one according to your needs; we do not put limits on the number of extensions.
Web page
Implementación de canales escritos (chat) y voz (llamada) por medio de automatización y asistencia humana para atención de PQRS.

We have massive text messaging for mobile devices, with segmented lists, delivery programming and metric generation.
Video call
We offer the licensing of video calls through Teams and Zoom, without limit of participants, with control of the interaction in the session.
We have service providers (SP) leaders in the management of mobile messaging with integration via API. WhatsApp Business, authorized by Meta.
We have the official Microsoft license on the Outlook platform, allowing you to send and receive secure and private messaging from your company.
Social networks
We integrate social networks in a platform that provides responses, control and management of each interaction with the user. Meta, LinkedIn and more.

4. Choose the developments in technology, to optimize your communications:


Process automation
We intelligently automate your operation, combining technologies and optimizing time and resources, to increase the efficiency of your processes.
Automation Videos
Educational and explanatory content that allows understanding the automation of a process or its implementation.

We offer a virtual assistant for written answers via chat, integrating it into a website, social networks, messaging apps or another digital channel.
We optimize the processes and points of contact with your customers in a safe and private way through a voice service simulator.

Visual/Voice IVR
We evolved the traditional way of managing requests, through a personalized visual or intelligent voice self-service tool
We integrate the administration of CPCG and tickets through a digital platform that allows management, monitoring and analysis in real time.
Comprehensive scheduling
Scheduling of medical appointments (face-to-face or virtual), home technical visits, with notification of confirmation to the final user.
Augmented reality
Development of specialized software, to be implemented and executed on devices compatible with augmented reality.
Voice assistant
Connect with users through different channels such as telephone, SMS or application portals, to provide them with timely information.
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Total Experience

We build memorable experiences that increase customer satisfaction through Total Experience strategies, delivering valuable insights for your company