Our technologies

Enable you to implement a digital workforce, helping reduce operational costs.



We offer customers the opportunity to manage their contacts through Avaya's omnichannel platform, which allows contact via any channel—phone, digital, or social media—in a 360° view.

AI analitycs

Our artificial intelligence is trained to understand, audit, interpret, and analyze spoken and written conversations, extracting and transforming valuable insights into competitive intelligence.


We transform organizations by delivering actionable knowledge and automated processes that generate disruptive experiences and improve people's quality of life.

Virtual assistants

Our virtual assistants are robots that simulate the responses of a service advisor through the telephone channel or digital channels like websites, Meta, WhatsApp, Twitter, among others.

Voice and video solutions

We have intelligent routing platforms for telephone solutions and integrate them with voice and digital communication channels, allowing cross-channel implementation; implementing video calls with the WebRTC protocol.


On-Demand Technologies


Communication platforms as a service, structured in developments and implementations tailored to your needs.


Contact center as a service, implemented from our specialized knowledge and experience.


The industries or sectors we have supported in customer service, through telephone channels, instant messaging, process automation, automated responses, among others, include:

Our Partners

Allow us to deploy our cutting-edge solutions and technology to deliver the total experiences that your company must offer.