Outsourcing Wins Executive of the Year Award at CX Summit

In the latest edition of the CX Summit congress, held this year in 2023, the “Executive of the Year 2023” award was awarded to John Santafe Correa, general manager of Outsourcing S.A.S. BIC. This award recognizes excellence in customer experience leadership and management in the industry.

John Santafe Correa has been selected from a group of prominent industry executives, thanks to his innovative approach to customer experience management and his leadership in the transformation of experiences led by Outsourcing S.A.S. BIC.

Since he assumed the position of general manager in 2015, John Santafe Correa has led a team of professionals committed to the continuous improvement of the customer experience. His purpose has always been focused on improving the lives of both employees and customers, and he has worked closely with his team to implement innovative solutions that transform customer experiences and operational efficiency.

Digital transformation has been one of the main priorities of John Santafe Correa at Outsourcing S.A.S. BIC. He has led the implementation of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and data analytics, to improve the efficiency and quality of services offered to clients.

Additionally, he has fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration throughout the organization, encouraging his team to come up with new ideas and solutions that improve the customer experience. Thanks to his leadership, Outsourcing S.A.S. BIC has positioned itself as a leading company in the industry, recognized for its commitment to quality and the transformation of customer experiences.

The “Executive of the Year 2023” award is a well-deserved recognition for John Santafe Correa. This award demonstrates that excellence in customer experience management is critical to business success today.

In an increasingly competitive and digital world, customer experience has become a key factor for the success of any company. The executives leading digital transformation and continuous improvement of customer experiences are the ones making a difference in the industry.