What led us to be a BIC company

We are a BPO & Contact Center company with more than 28 years of experience whose purpose is to “Improve Lives, Our Commitment”, through the development of our economic activity, which includes: acquisition, service and maintenance of clients, allowing Companies control costs and have access to new technologies, without the need for new investments.

From the beginning, our company has had the interest of offering job opportunities and contributing to the growth and development of all the people who pass through the company.

For this reason, in 2021 we decided to bet on the most important initiative in Colombia for purpose-driven organizations, becoming Outsourcing IT Services S.A.S. BIC with the firm intention of contributing to the sustainability of society, the main characteristic of BIC companies (Collective Benefit and Interest). 

Our purpose is mobilized from the organization’s strategy, since its development is strongly related to the way we work and the steps necessary to achieve the results we set as goals.

We are aware that as a company that acts from the purpose, we must deliver tangible results of this commitment, therefore, our shareholders, board of directors, leaders of the organization and all collaborators, strive to create value for society, both in economic terms as well as social and environmental impact.

Ricardo Duran
Outsourcing S.A.S. BIC