We obtained the AoC Certificate for PCI DSS

Congratulations to the exceptional Outsourcing team for this extraordinary achievement! Obtaining AoC certification for PCI DSS for the first time marks a significant milestone in our commitment to information security and excellence in the services we offer. This certification is much more than just recognition; is a testament to our hard work, dedication and focus on ensuring the protection of our clients’ confidential data.

The AoC certificate for PCI DSS represents an internationally recognized standard in data security, especially in the field of online payments. It is a validation that we comply with the most rigorous protocols and best practices in the management and protection of sensitive financial data. This certification not only provides peace of mind to our clients, but also distinguishes us as reliable and secure service providers in an increasingly demanding and competitive market.

This certification is very important since there are many types of fraud with bank cards, and the theft of information multiplies when it is processed over the Internet.

In this situation, the PCI DSS regulations are one of the forms of defense against the following threats:

Malware: Malware is any malicious software designed by cybercriminals to infiltrate a computer system and steal payment data.

Phishing: The main way malicious software is transported and distributed is through emails. This phenomenon is known as “phishing” and comes in the form of emails that seem authentic and trustworthy, but contain malicious links or files that can infect our device.

Ransomware: It is the malware threat that has been growing the most in recent years. Ransomware is what we could call “data ransom”. It consists of preventing access to a business’s computer systems, files or networks and demanding a reward (usually financial) for returning them.

By obtaining this certificate, we are demonstrating our commitment to customer security and trust. Our outsourcing environment has been evaluated and confirmed as suitable to securely handle card and bank account data. Our commitment to data protection is not only a competitive advantage, but also an essential requirement for establishing strong and lasting relationships with our business partners.