We continue to accumulate achievements that fill us with pride! We were recognized as Best Strategy in Customer Experience 2024

Customer Experience (CX) is essential in the operations of organizations, since it encompasses all interactions and perceptions of a customer from the first contact to the use of the product or service. Every interaction, from the first impression to the post-sale, shapes the customer’s perception of the brand. For contact center and BPO companies, having a well-developed CX is crucial and is considered a fundamental aspect in the evaluation for the selection of services.

The Gold Award award in the “Best Customer Experience Strategy” category at the prestigious LATAM awards is a testament to our leadership and excellence in this field, highlighting us as leaders in offering exceptional and personalized experiences to our customers, positioning us as the best call Colombian customer service center.

This distinction recognizes our ability not only to design the customer journey, identify key touch points, but also to implement new technologies and interaction channels, reengineer processes and products, and provide quality pre- and post-sales services.

Our comprehensive Total Experience strategy has been fundamental in raising end-user satisfaction and promoting the loyalty of our customers, seeking to ensure that each interaction with us becomes a memorable experience. This award for best customer experience strategy is an example of this and the Tangible results of our strategy are not only reflected in increased customer satisfaction, but also in notable growth in our business.