Outsourcing in Madrid Spain at the EficiencIA Event: Digital Humans

On June 12, the EficiencIA event took place at NH Paseo de la Habana, Madrid, Spain. This event explored advances in Generative Artificial Intelligence and its impact on customer experience, as well as resource optimization that takes companies to another level. The event focused on several key areas. The evolution and impact of Artificial Intelligence in organizations were discussed, strategies for successfully implementing IAG-based solutions in organizations were presented, and ways to improve customer experience through interaction with Generative AI were analyzed.

The concept of Digital Humans, driven by generative artificial intelligence, was highlighted. These represent a technological convergence, including voice recognition, natural language processing, and learning. It was demonstrated how these elements combine to create empathetic characters that offer personalized and efficient solutions in various industries. The positive impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence on organizations was also explored, radically transforming the business landscape by innovating and optimizing processes across different sectors. It was shown how this technology helps companies and employees to be more efficient and productive. Another key topic was Personalized Digital Solutions, designed and implemented to meet the specific needs of each client, optimizing each stage of the customer journey with integrated technology to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention rates.

Additionally, the Digital Workforce was analyzed, showing how automation and digitalization are transforming work, increasing productivity by allowing artificial intelligence, robots, and digital platforms to take on repetitive tasks, freeing employees for more strategic and creative activities. The role of robotic process automation (RPA) in handling large volumes of data and administrative tasks more efficiently was also discussed.
The event provided a unique opportunity to interact with leading technology experts. By the end, participants were better prepared to adopt these technologies in their organizations and take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital transformation. We thank our attendees, as their enthusiasm and participation made the event an ideal moment for networking and learning.