Outsourcing, An Example of Sustainability in BPO

Outsourcing, in its commitment as a BIC company, has developed different spaces that promote the culture of education, care and preservation of our natural resources.

In 2022, it created an environmental mascot called ECOS, who is in charge of promoting these spaces and being the reference for care for the environment. ECOS is the spokesperson for the company and has the task of continuing to generate a culture in our collaborators about the importance of sustainability.

Outsourcing S.A.S. BIC has been measuring the carbon footprint for two years, which allows us to review the emission of the impact that our business has. Once the result is obtained, the results are socialized through groups with the aim of involving all stakeholders. collaborators in an annual plan.

Companies in Colombia are migrating towards sustainability and compliance with the objectives of sustainable development. Outsourcing recognizes the need to take measures to reduce its carbon footprint and has implemented an environmental compensation plan that includes various initiatives and programs aimed at promoting clean transportation (bicycle use), volunteering and ecological walks, among others.

If you still don’t know what a footprint is, we tell you that it is a measure of the environmental impact of a company or product in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. It is calculated from the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other gases that are emitted into the atmosphere during an operational process or staff, transportation and/or service in question.