Our Clients Make Synergy With OS Culture

At our recent event for clients, we had the opportunity to share and delve into the company’s culture, based on our purpose: “Improving lives, Our Commitment, which is manifested through fundamental axes such as: Head, Heart, Hands and Harmony.

In this space we manage to share topics such as:

Promotion of Inclusive Employment

One of the essential pillars of Outsourcing S.A.S. BIC is the promotion of inclusive employment. We believe in the importance of offering equitable and accessible employment opportunities to all, regardless of their differences. Our commitment is to create a diverse and welcoming work environment that enhances the skills and talents of each individual.

Kindness and Counseling Fund

We take care of our collaborators through the Kindness Fund, an initiative aimed at offering support and well-being in food, housing, health, education and funeral aid. Additionally, we provide counseling services to address various emotional needs, ensuring a healthy and balanced work environment.

Care and Wellbeing Activities

The health and well-being of our collaborators is a priority. For this reason, we organize various care and well-being activities, which include mental health programs, entertainment, special dates, among others. We know that a physically and mentally healthy team is essential to achieve our goals.

Growth and Training

We are motivated to offer a wide range of courses, workshops and training spaces for the continuous development of our team. We believe in constant growth and in providing the necessary tools for our employees to become inspiring, winning and strategic leaders.

Leaders and Brand Ambassadors

Our leaders stand out for being winners, inspirational and strategists. Additionally, our brand ambassadors possess unique qualities that transform customer experiences: empathy, proactivity and passion. These attributes and powers allow us to build solid and lasting relationships with our stakeholders.

José Natzar: Digital Advisor

During the event, we also had the honor of introducing José Natzar, our digital advisor. José brings his vast experience in emotional and family well-being issues, helping us strengthen our comprehensive approach to caring for our employees and their families.

Talk to José Natzar via WhatsApp through the number +573153053846

Employee Journey and Commitment to Sustainability

Finally, we address the collaborator’s journey at Outsourcing S.A.S. BIC, highlighting our commitment to your development and well-being at every stage. In addition, we presented our BIC report, reaffirming our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

At Outsourcing S.A.S. BIC continues to work with dedication and passion to improve the lives of our collaborators and clients.

Thank you for being part of this wonderful community and we look forward to seeing you at our next event to continue sharing the OS Culture!