John Santafe Correa, our general manager, was awarded the Silver Award in the category of Best Professional of the Year

The award for the best professional of the year in the LATAM awards for the “Best Organizations for Interaction with Clients” Recognizes the professional who, from a position in Latam, has stood out globally for the work carried out, with innovative ideas of success, positioning him him and his company, as a reference in the Call Center and BPO sector. This year John Santafe Correa, general manager of Outsourcing S.A.S. BIC. has been worthy of this award, which fills us with pride and positions the company as a benchmark in the industry.

John Santafe Correa has been awarded as the best professional of the year, standing out among a select group of industry executives. This recognition is due to his innovative approach to customer experience management and his exemplary leadership in transforming experiences at Outsourcing S.A.S. BIC.

In an increasingly competitive and digital business environment, customer experience emerges as a determining factor for the success of call center companies. The executives who lead digital transformation and the constant improvement of customer experiences are key players in this industry. This recognition, by awarding the Best Professional of the Year award to John Santafe Correa, underlines the strategic importance of his leadership in the call center sector, positioning him as a benchmark in the creation of exceptional experiences that make a difference for companies in this sector. competitive business landscape.