FeaturedOS: example of efficiency

At Outsourcing SAS BIC, we are proud to present our Featured, who have excelled in the gold, silver and bronze categories. These collaborators have stood out not only for their exceptional results, but also for their unwavering commitment to the company’s purpose; “Improving Lives, Our Commitment”

Our Highlights also include Innovamos, a group that has demonstrated outstanding creativity and dedication in the different cultural activities carried out by the company. All of them have been recognized for their ability to align their efforts with the mission of Outsourcing SAS BIC, significantly contributing to our value of efficiency, aligned with organizational excellence.

During the event, we celebrated their achievements with recognition videos that included emotional words from their families, showing the support and pride they feel for our collaborators. In addition, we organize raffles in collaboration with our ally CAFAM, providing moments of joy and celebration to all those present.

John Santafe, General Manager of the company, had the opportunity to address a few words to the attendees, highlighting the positive impact that each Featured Person has had on the organization. In addition, he told us about the interactions with José Natzar, our digital advisor, highlighting how Outsourcing SAS BIC is innovating in the sector by looking for solutions to help people in different mental health situations.

Talk to José Natzar via WhatsApp through the number +573153053846

The most important thing is that our Highlights took away a clear message: the importance of continuing to drive efficiency in the organization through their daily work. Your dedication and commitment are essential for Outsourcing SAS BIC to continue advancing in its purpose of Improving Lives.