Connect people, strategy and purpose

We are an independent capital company with high relevance in the sector, Outsourcing S.A.S. BIC has decided that it is more important to work for a higher purpose that creates a positive impact on society than to focus solely on financial gain.

This motivated us to hold an event to commemorate our 30 years of operation.

Connecting people to strategy through purpose

A talk with Carlos Rey, an expert consultant on purpose issues for companies. A conversation with Ana Maria Delgado – Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Organizacion Corona, Juan Carlos Gomez – President at Fundación Grupo Social, Carlos Rey and our President Ricardo Durán; in which all experiences and perspectives on issues of purpose in organizations were discussed. Finally, a talk about how purpose is vital for company innovation, by Claudia Aparicio, co-founder of Mentex.

We have been able to learn from various sectors and experiences, how companies that have had their purpose as their main focus have been able to not only achieve their objectives, but also improve the lives of their collaborators, clients and beneficiaries.

We thank all participants and attendees for joining us in this celebration; to our allies, clients and human team, for their trust and dedication throughout these years, we know that together we will improve lives and transform experiences for many more years.