We were awarded Gold in Best Citizen Sector Operation Strategy at the LATAM 2024 awards

The LATAM Award for the “Best Organizations for Interaction with Customers” seeks to annually recognize the excellence of companies that are part of those categorized as “Customer Relations” and involves the countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Paraguay.

This year our Outsourcing sas call center and BPO organization was awarded the gold category as BEST CITIZEN SECTOR OPERATION STRATEGY with the CHEC case. We received this merit thanks to the joint work of the collaborators of our organization, who carried out synergistic work with the client.

Below we want to share what this success story that fills us with pride consisted of:

The union of Outsourcing S.A.S BIC and Chec, two companies with a shared vision focused on experience, sustainability and care of people, allowed them to successfully articulate their Total Experience by Outsourcing strategies and Chec’s Experience Triad, with the objective of improving the experience of the customer and its employees.

These two strategies achieved very significant changes in mentality and culture for the company, which materialized in memorable experiences for clients, collaborators and users, generating a great impact and a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

Based on our value proposition “we transform experiences that value our clients’ brand”  we managed to go further, thinking not only about the users’ experience, but also that of the collaborators that would allow us to establish a 360 ecosystem to guarantee memorable experiences.

The process was the following:

  1. Co-creation with the customer:  The first step was to map the Customer Journey Map, which allowed us to understand the needs of the users, giving us a clear vision of the customer experience, through the different channels.
  2. Leadership with purpose:  We align our brand ambassador strategy with Chec’s culture, where we seek to turn employees into experts in 3 specific fields:
    Process automation: We look for opportunities that will generate value through the implementation of automation in processes, implementing digital solutions where clients could self-manage and be able to deliver personalized and agile experiences.
    Multi-experience platforms and technological convergence:  We seek to offer an omnichannel experience ensuring that the customer feels understood and that the ambassadors will achieve the customer’s context, providing better service.
  3. This way we managed to improve the indicators and positively impact the following items:

We increased customer satisfaction by 93% in the last period of 2023
The “effort level” was decreased, where it was evident that fewer people found it difficult to make requests.
The NPS indicator was increased, showing that more than 64% recommend Chec as a satisfactory brand
In addition, absenteeism and turnover in the organization were reduced, which went from 6% to 2.8%, reflecting the positive impact of the strategy.

Our team is deeply committed to addressing current challenges, carrying out a transformation that allows us to improve lives through experience and continue growing in the call center and BPO sector, while offering the best experience to both our clients as well as our collaborators.

We express our sincere congratulations to the Outsourcing SAS team for this significant achievement, especially highlighting the dedication of Angelica Lizeth Martines, Customer Experience Leader, who led the presentation of the case, as well as recognizing the efforts of the entire team and the various areas of support that contributed to this important recognition.