Teamwork: Learn the 5Cs to Implement in Your Work Area

Trabajo en equipo: 5C

The word “team” derives from the French équiper, and in turn from the Scandinavian word skipa, which comes from the word skip, which means boat. Thus, the word equipment means “to equip a ship.”

By derivation, equipment came to mean all the equipment necessary to carry out a trip, and today it refers to the set of belongings or people who carry out a task or project together.

Today, we call a “team” a group of people who need each other to achieve a result, that is, in other words, “who embark on a task together.” This synergy has undoubtedly revolutionized the way companies work. Synergy means that the result of teamwork is greater than the sum of individual results.

This is because by dividing tasks, the competence of each member is taken advantage of and greater productivity is achieved. It frequently occurs in work teams that people can contribute not only what they are supposed to do, but also give added value to what others do.

According to some studies, adopting a true teamwork philosophy in an organization can attract real success to companies. Productivity can even improve by 40% in the first year.

In general, for teamwork to exist, the “5cs” must be met:

complementarity, coordination, communication, trust and commitment.

1. Complementarity: Each individual on the team dominates a certain area of ​​the project. All knowledge and all individuals are necessary for the project to be successful. ​
2. Coordination: The group of team professionals must have a leader at the head and must act in an organized manner in order to move the project forward. ​
3. Communication: Teamwork requires open communication between all its members, which is essential to be able to coordinate different individuals. ​
4. Trust: Each member trusts in the good work of the rest of his colleagues and tries to contribute the best of himself, not seeking to stand out among his colleagues, but rather putting the success of his team before the staff. ​
5. Commitment: Each member undertakes to contribute the best of themselves, to put all their efforts into getting the work done.